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Learn Guitar Online For Free-Tasty Should Know Licks

[crunch] Hi, my name is Paul Davids and in this video I’ll share with you 10 meticulously hand-selected organic juicy licks. Every player needs licks in their vocabulary… [PC: vocabulary] – Vocabulary The licks I’m showing are either embellishments of chords or little solo licks.

But for all those it’s the case you can really use them in your own playing. We start off with the easiest and build it up from there, to the most difficult one and the tabs are available on my Patreon page. Here’s extremely tasty lick number 1 but before we start guitar takes a lot of dedication to master so you just have to be prepaired to put in the hard practice it takes. In todays world we are so lucky having the internet and to be able to learn guitar online for free but if you really want to improve and progress you have to learn more and have lessons.

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100 blues licks guitar tricks


These tasty should know licks show you don’t need many notes to have an iconic lick. It’s a 5..

. 1… resolution in the key of A minor which makes it good to play harmonic minor and that is what he does: he starts off bending fret 14 on the G string 1,5 step.

He plays it 2 times – staccato – and then the 3rd time he releases it to 14. And then he plays fret 13. Bend it a half note and then release back to 13.

So this is a note from the E chord. Extremely juicy lick number 2 Use it on a chord that functions as a major 7 chord so, in a major key the 1 and the 4 chord and in a minor key the 3 and the 6.

So, on D major for this example, we play it on fret number 10, the D chord over here… and then we play fret 11 and 10 on the G and the B string. So, double stops.

And then to fret 12 on both strings. Back to 11 and 10. And then we slide the 12s to 14s. And this is why it’s a major 7 chord, basically..

. because we play a C sharp in D…

which makes the chord major 7.

And then you go back to 12… and again to 11 and 10. So, this song is in the key of B minor, or D major.

You can do the same on G. The 4 chord of D. Extremely tasty lick number 3 This lick is using 6th intervals to double the melody. And the melody start off on the B string 6 and then fret 4 and 6 on the E string but that 6th is doubled..


. … with fret 6 on the G string.

Then we play the first note 2 times, the 6 and the 6… ..

. and then another time, 3 times and then we go up to 8 – on the same strings. Back to 5 and 4 on the same strings.

And then to 6 again, on the D and B string. And here, he does a little cool trick: he plays some chromatic notes um, in triplets.

In this case, it’s 3 notes in 1 beat. And he slides them up just one fret… and then back up again, 3 times.

So, this gives a real cool effect in the D flat major chord. We go from the major to the minor 3rd and from the 5th to the flat 5. Real bluesy feel. So the total Whoo! Make sure to check this one out: the live version in LA.

Tasty Should Know Licks


Extremely tasty should know licks number viewed four Just a nice little embellishment you can use on any major chord you want. In this case it’s E flat major. So fret 6 on the A string, the barre chord, the A shape. And then we start off on fret 8. Jimi Hendrix uses this a lot, too.

And then we play the D string, fret 8. And then our ring finger goes one string down and we do the same, but then the other way around. So, back down. So, first ascending and then descending. And then we slide up.

.. to fret 12 and 11 on the G and the B string. This is just another major chord from E flat major. And then you hit the G string 2 times.

.. fret 12 to fret 10. And then you play fret 8..

. and then fret 10 on the D string. So, from the beginning it sounds like this Yeah! Off to extremely tasty lick number 5 It’s ‘Need Your Love so Bad’ with guitar player Peter Green. This song is basically one entire tasty lick, but I have chosen this phrase: simple yet so elegant for just learn guitar online for free lessons huh!

Ok, it’s a major blues in the key of A and we play around this note…

Fret 10 on the B string. We start off with 2 quick notes: fret 11 and 10 on the G and the B string.

And now we play a note which functions as a blue note, so it’s a little bit in between there. So we bend fret 12… but not really towards a specific note, but just.

.. make it feel bluesy. Then we go to the E string, fret 10 and 12 and now we play the 12 again, but now we bend it towards the C sharp. But that note really hits the C sharp target.

And then we land on the A – Oh no! [poof] All right, now off to extremely tasty lick number 6 The king of phrasing: BB king. A typical minor blues in B minor. We play fret 11 on the G string..

. followed by twice the B, fret 12. 1…

So we start on beat 2. The next lick is just the answer It’s fret 12 on the E string, played just once, but then bent up [woop woop] twice. So bend, release, bend. And then end the note when it’s high.

So, not: let it down.

When you let it down, it sounds like a cat is dying. [dying cat sound] And a dying cat is the worst thing that can happen. So keep it up! And then the third lick starts again on B 2 It’s just a little lick. It’s 12 on the B string.

.. and then 10, 12, 14…

10, 12… and then a bend on the E string..

. and release and pull off to fret 10. And then twice fret 12 on the B string. The first one is staccato. In total it sounds like this: 1.

.. Extremely tasty lick number 7 So this lick is played on the acoustic guitar, but it translates very well to also the electrical guitar Played in the key of E minor, but you can use it on the G or an E minor chord, and even sometimes a C or a D chord, depending on the key of the song.

So, it’s played with double stop, the first one on the string 1 and 2, fret 3. You can barre it with one finger or play it with two fingers.

I used my pinky and ring finger, I think. Yeah. Or my ring finger as a barre. Ok, the thing, the trick of this lick, is playing the strings before you slide up. And then doing the same when you go down.

So… And then the second lick starts on the G string and the B string, fret 2 and 3..

. and you do the same. And now you pull off fret 2…

to an open string, on the G string. And then you do again, that slide up and the slide down… pull off again and.

learn guitar online for free


.. you end on 5 and 4 on the D and the G string. So, played slowly, in total it sounds like this I used this little lick, too, in my most recent live looping video, so please check that one out.

It’s at the end, where I play the power chords part.

It’s a very cool video, so if you haven’t seen it, please check it out. Thank you. Extremely tasty lick number 8 Yeah! This is your typical hard rock lick, and it’s a lick everyone should know. What I love about it, is that it comes in an electronic song, so the combination is pretty cool.

It’s ‘Apollo’ by Alan Parson’s, by the way. So, it’s played in the key of A minor, with just power chords of A, C and D.

So, we start on a power chord A 1, 2, 3…

Then we go to fret 7 on the G string and we bend it… and release it to fret 5. And whilst you play that fret 7 you can gently touch fret 7 on the B string, as well.

So, you barre it a little bit with your ring finger. Then we go to fret 5 on the G string and there you do a very wide vibrato. The vibrato is so wide, it’s almost a whole step. And then you go back to fret 7 on the D string – dee..

. dree string? The D string…

and you pull it off… to an open D string and then followed by an A string.

And then you play the C power chord.

.. a D power chord…

and then back to A. So here it is slowly Off to lick number… 9.

Oh, we need a Strat for this one. It’s John Mayer, with the song ‘Who Did You Think I Was.’ It’s a blues in A, but this lick you can use in major keys or minor keys.

It sounds good on both. All right, so we start off with playing double stops: fret 7 and 8 on the B and the G string.

You play it twice. Sliding up from 7 to 9. And then you play fret 7 on the G string and you bend it up…

to the flat 5. Then you go back down, release… and then 10 and 7 on the D string.

So, this is just your A minor blues scale.


And then you slide your index finger down to fret 5… and then fret 7, 5 and 3 on the A string.

And then a.. a stop.. and then fret 5 on the E string.

So, slowly it sounds like this And now the last, and most difficult, extremely tasty should know licks of this video… It’s ‘Tin Pan Alley’ by Stevie Ray Vaughan. A typical slow blues in minor – for him it’s C minor, because he plays a half step down, but for me, it’s a B minor.

This lick uses the B minor blues scale. So, with the flat 5 a lot. He starts off doing this…

and then he starts a legato played pattern… So, you only hit the string once when you play 4 notes, starting on fret 12 on the E string..

. doing a hammer on… pull off.

. and a pull off again. So, 12, 13, 12, 10. The way he times it..

. makes it a little bit difficult. And in the first 3 beats of the 6/8 barre…

[tch, tch, tch] he plays 3 times that… So the first one is a little bit slower..

. and then on beat 4 of the 6/8, so the 4, 5, 6, he plays 4 patterns in the same amount of time as 3 beats.


So the rhythm is 4 over 3. It’s..

. So it’s 1, 2, 3… So, I’m playing 4 notes and the beat is playing 3 notes.

And then, when I’m hitting, I’m playing 4 notes in those groups, so… Then he plays fret 12 and 10 on the E string. Again, the same lick.

Quickly. Followed by fret 12 on the B string… followed by 12 and 10 on the E string.

Very quickly. Followed by a descending run, 10 on the E string… B 12, 10.

.. slide to 7…

and then fret 7 on the E string and then fret 7 on the B string, followed by fret 10…


Sliding down towards 9. 7 on the G string 7 on the D string Followed by G 10 and B 9.

Sliding a half note up. Sliding up and then hitting it. Staccato. So, played from the beginning, slowly So these were all the licks. All my tasty vegetables are finished, too, so it’s time to say goodbye but first just a little mention that its easy to learn guitar online for free but sticking to it is the hard part so enjoy your learning experiences as they are great building blocks for bigger and better thing. 🙂

Thank you all for watching and if you like this video, tasty should know licks please hit the like button


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