100 Blues Guitar Licks From Online Blues Guitar Tuition

I have recently discovered a great online course with at least 100 blues guitar licks included in its huge library of lessons and videos. Its Called Blues Jam Session and is for anyone who curently have basic electric guitar skills. For instance those who learn how to play club chords and will keep in time. The program was created to be a fairly easy to make use of, no frills, basic principles of blues acoustic or electric guitar tuition.Griff Hamlin has been on the scene for 20 years playing as a professional guitarist, bassist, singer, teacher, and songwriter.

Peter Morales certainly knows more than 100 blues guitar licks has been on the scene for well over 20 years playing as a professional guitarist, bassist, teacher, and songwriter. He has also performed in many different countries around the world including Poland, Korea, Italy,  released two blues-rock style Cd’s, and is very fluent in many styles of guitar including rock, blues, jazz, country, classical, and flamenco.

100 Blues Guitar Licks To Learn

His thirst and passion to keep striving to improve as a player and teacher inspired him to create a unique approach to laying down the foundation of blues, utilizing audio and video over the Internet, while systematically layering each lesson upon the previous lesson to give you a basic understanding of the blues over a two to five-week period. The intent of course is to learn “blues single string theory”, but you have to learn the foundational theory of blues first. Crawl before you walk, walk before you run, you get the picture.

What is most striking, is the simplicity of his lessons. Peter only tackles one or two elements at a time during each lesson thereby making it really easy to assimilate the info. One of the things I really struggled with early in my own playing in regards to blues single string theory, was when to use the minor blues or the major blues scale while soloing. Chapter ten of Peters book, goes into this issue and demonstrates it really well. If you haven’t been playing very long, don’t let the content of each page fool you and scare you off; it looks hard, but like I said, Peter did a superb job of KISS! (Keeping it simple stupid)

So the question you’re asking yourself, what’s in it? Blues Jam Session comes with a 40 page book choked full of all kinds of useful tips and tricks not only for playing the guitar in general, but covering all the basics to playing blues guitar. Each lesson is accompanied by an audio and/or video file that you download when ready and if you can’t read music, the book includes TAB, but standard notation is also used in all of the examples.

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Blues Jam Session also comes with a technology introduction video on how to use the different files and formats, and how to get the best use out of the audio and video available. If you are fairly computer savvy, you probably won’t need it, but for newbies, it’s a good place to start.

Also included: Over 65 minutes of solid, broken down blues theory video lessons. 20 bonus “turnarounds” with easy to understand ending licks, 60 jam tracks, including chord charts, at least 100 blues guitar licks and my favorite, “Lessons from the masters”. Peter gives you solos from Eric Clapton, Albert King, and B.B. King, with rhythm tracks to practice, chord charts to see the chord and licks, and video breaking it all down, it’s hard not to like Blues Jam Session with Peter Morales

We’ve all seen the traditional blues DVD/Book sets that cost as much as $200! Peter Morales gives you everything for the cost of one private guitar lesson, and whenever there are updates to his web site, you have immediate access to all the new material for life.

Blues Jam Session  by Peter Morales will give you all the single string theory fundamentals to Playing Blues Guitar. Today, guitar lessons range from $25.00 to $100.00 per hour. For the price of one private lesson, you can have a life time of access to everything you need to get started Blues Jam Session.

Peter did an excellent job of breaking down the blues and organizing it into simple to understand, easy to grasp lessons. I would thoroughly recommend the course for any guitarist who wants to familiarize themselves with the blues!


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