Learn 100 Hot Blues Licks From Many Sources & Blues Artists As You Can

Blues Electric guitar Improvisation and learning 100 hot blues licks is one of the very most fulfilling skills you can learn as a guitar player. To a outsider though, it can appear to be some type of mystical black skill. How do the professionals play those outstanding solos directly off the very best of their mind, without even great deal of thought? Well, fortunately it’s an art that anyone can learn, given the right practice schedule and just a little guidance occasionally.

The following are 3 essential tips to learn 100 hot blues licks that will set you on the road to blues guitar mastery. Buckle up, here we go:

1. Learn to play 100 hot blues licks start with the pentatonic and blues scales. There are 5 shapes for each scale and they will be the basis for what you play 80-90% of the time, maybe even 100% if you’re like some players I know. These scales provide THE sound of blues guitar, so make sure you learn them.

2. Learn as many blues riffs as you possibly can. These are the musical guitar phrases that make up each and every guitar solo. So, if you’re going to study blues guitar improvisation, you’re gonna need a lot of them!

3. Practice your scales and your licks over blues backing tracks. Download as many as you can and simply repeat every lick over the top. Mix in your scales, some of your own ideas, even play around with the licks you’ve learned and try to make them more of your own. Before too long you’ll notice your own style of playing will start to shine through.


100 hot blues licks


100 hot blues licks minor blues scale


If you follow these basic tips, you absolutely cannot fail to improve your skills. This is the very method that every blues guitar player in the world follows. Eric Clapton learned every Freddie King lick he could, Hendrix borrowed from Buddy Guy and Stevie Ray studied everything Hendrix had to offer. It’s all about learning the licks, putting your own spin on them and creating something new. To give you a head start, make sure you click the links below.

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