Blues Guitar Playing and Blues Music In General Go A Long Way Back In Time

If you dig playing the blues guitar, these great weapons and tactics’ will inspire, excite, transform and invigorate your riffs way beyond your wildest expectations. Blues guitar playing is an art form that has evolved over many many years and goes back to the Classical era and beyond. The 1, 4, 5 progression was actually popular in the Baroque period because it was such a strong and powerful chord progression which created tension (the 5 chord or dominant 7 chord) before resolving back to the 1 chord. In many modern blues tunes there are multiple 7th chords used and even using sevenths in the entire blues progression E7, A7,B7. This particular blues guitar playing technique creates even more tension in the progression due to using out of key dominant 7ths.

Whatever your level of blues guitar soloing, you will love how Verheyen steps you through his curriculum. This series of lessons will fire up your bag. Check out the full S.W.A.T. Blues…

blues guitar playing


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