Originally shot by “falkrik” Sorry dude. It’s a great vid, I had to share it. Tommy Emmanuel shreds the shit out of his acoustic guitar playing Guitar Boogie…
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Hayden Fogle and Blues Buddy Guy Jam together at a Concert in 2012 Website: Facebook:

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Claude Corry

Being a musician from a young age I began singing at the age of five. I have been a live performer for about thirty years and have played in many bands from covers bands to original ensembles. At twenty I began to write a lot of my own songs and still do today and have written about two hundred works.

50 thoughts on “AMAZING BLUES GUITAR!!! MUST SEE!!”

  1. *Tribute to SRV!*

    +Tommy Emmanuel I would like to say thank you and apologize it took me this
    long to find you. I love Google something catches my eye and an hour later
    I’m a fan.

    *If you like music you have to add this guy to your circles truly amazing!*

    +?brahim Gökda? shared this with the Blues Music community, +IVIr. Tasty had
    it on his youtube channel and was origonally shot by “falkrik”?

  2. Tommy Emmanuel will capture your ears and eyes and leave you brain
    disbelieving what they have witnessed. I knew he could play but ” G’dang,
    Can he play?” :)?

  3. If I could play like that on the corner of a street, I would make a lot of
    spare change. This guy is good!?

  4. The dolts walking around – not paying attention – missed the highlight of
    their life.?

  5. If you’ve never heard Tommy Emmanuel play guitar, this is a terrific loose
    performance of a “basic” 12-bar blues that quickly becomes something
    masterful. *Please excuse the expletive in the video’s description (it
    isn’t my video).*?

  6. Come on now I started playing when I was that age and I’m still no where
    near that good and I’m 55 years old . Jammin’ Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

  7. Are you people deaf and blind? This kid freakin rocks. What the heck were
    you doing at that age? Post videos of it, or shut up?

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