Best Online Blues Guitar Lessons For Beginners To Intermediate

The Best Online Blues Guitar Lessons For Beginners


Best online blues guitar lessons for beginners

Are you looking for a real goldmine of guitar lessons online? Look no further than this number one site called Guitar Tricks which caters for just about every genre of music from country to rock and tons more. is a real heavyweight in the best online blues guitar lessons for beginners. In fact, being established in 1998, it was the first site to offer video guitar lessons on the internet.


The guitar lessons offered by GuitarTricks can be split into 3 main sections.

  1. Style course (Level 1 and Level 2)
  2. Songs
  3. Mini courses

Let’s have a look at each.

Style Level 1 & 2 (Core learning system)

The core learning system is’s recommended path for learning guitar. After the fundamentals, you have the chance to learn the intricacies of blues, country and rock.


The  style course is made up of 2 segments: Level 1 and Level 2.

Each Level is split into Chapters, and each Chapter is split into a series of tutorials revolving around a given topic.

This sounds weird written down, but it’s actually very intuitive:

Basic Guitar Fundamentals

Beginner Guitar Lessons: Guitar Fundamentals Level 1



When you look at the table of contents, you can immediately see the amount of thought that went into structuring the course.

Each lesson builds on the prior, and as a guitar teacher of 15+ years, I can’t think of any blues skill/technique I would teach to aspiring blues players, that is not covered within the course.

It is safe to say that completing GuitarTricks’s blues style lessons will get you to an early-advanced level of playing.

Blues Level 1

Chapter 1: best online blues guitar lessons for beginners, shuffle rhythm, turnarounds, chord voiceings

Chapter 2: power chords, barre chords, playing in different keys

Chapter 3: minor blues, minor chords, dominant chords, 12 bar blues variations7

Chapter 4: various blues strumming patterns and grooves, intro to regional blues rhythm styles

Chapter 5: lead techniques, blue note scale

Chapter 6: getting a blues tone on various guitars & amps, and the effects you would use

As you can see, Level 1 covers basic concepts and techniques. Once you are comfortable with these techniques, you would turn things up a notch and move on to the next level.

Check Out The Blues Level One Here

Blues Level 2

Chapter 1:best online blues guitar lessons for beginners with more blues lead guitar, building riffs, playing in different keys, minor scale and jamming

Chapter 2: the styles of Albert King, B. B. King and Freddie King

Chapter 3: blues phrasing, call and response, differing vibrato styles, bending concepts

Chapter 4: targeting chord tones, playing with a slide, blues mixed with other styles (jazz, rock, reggae, funk)

Chapter 5: advanced rhythm, various turnarounds, 8 bar progressions

Chapter 6: regional blues styles (Jazz, Delta, Chicago, Texas, New Orleans, British)

Check The Blues Level Two Course Here

All lessons in the style courses are taught by Anders Mouridsen, who is one of the best teachers on His calming personality is mixed with his enthusiasm for the guitar, which makes the lessons very enjoyable.

Blues song tutorials

After tackling the blues core learning system, what better way to practice and refine your newfound knowledge, than to learn to play popular blues songs?

GuitarTricks has an impressive collection of lessons on blues songs from many classic and contemporary blues artists. At the moment I counted about 100 blues songs in the list from artists such as:

  • BB King
  • Stevie Ray Vaughn
  • Eric Clapton, T-Bone Walker
  • Muddy Waters
  • Robert Johnson
  • Howlin’ Wolf
  • Albert Collins
  • The Allman Brothers


Seeing how the masters use all the blues techniques you learned in the Level 1 and Level 2 blues style sections will help put it all together and move you forward.

Mini courses

GuitarTricks has a bunch of what I would call “mini courses”  for beginners on various guitar styles, including the blues.

These mini courses are taught by different teachers, and are relatively short in length. Around 5 to 30 minutes, depending on the course.

These are great for quick practice sessions when you don’t really have enough time to dive into something too deeply.

What kind of mini courses will you find?

  • Riffs
  • Rhythm techniques
  • Blues orchestration
  • Using major notes in minor pentatonics
  • and so on…

Pros of GuitarTricks’s blues lessons

  • Well structured best online blues guitar lessons for beginners to intermediate players
  • Great collection of real songs to learn
  • Fun jam-along videos
  • 2 week free trial, yippie ?

Cons of GuitarTricks’s blues courses

    • No really advanced material
    • Few acoustic fingerstyle blues lessons
    • A few of the mini courses must be older and thus are not HD


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