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I’m pretty sure that everyone studying the best way learn blues guitar has pictured themselves playing and maybe singing like Eric Clapton, Chris Rea or whoever their idols are, but to reach that level of skill, there’s a lot of work, especially if you learn blues guitar online, by yourself, and even if you were born with a fair dose of talent. So, if you don’t work with a blues guitar tutor to kick you back into shape when you’re buzzing or screeching, it’s important to learn to discover the mistakes you make to correct them.

Therefore, I’m going to point out here a few beginner mistakes to be avoided when playing a blues guitar, but first, it’s important to know a few things about the blues.

Blues was born as a vocal form, long time ago in African-American communities in the United States, mostly like work field working chants. They were originally made of a vocal line repeated 4 times, and evolved into mixing that line with other, more complex lines. Nowadays, blues that started as a singing art form, now kinda require a guitar to accompany your voice with. But even if your voice isn’t that great and needs to be polished, you need far more guitar practice to become good at this.


Best way learn blues guitar

Now, here are the mistakes you must try to avoid if you learn blues guitar online:

1. When fingering blues chords, it’s important to make as little finger movement as possible. It takes time to shift fingers, and the less you do it, the more fluent the sounds will be. A typical beginner bad habit is to lift all the fingers off the fretboard and relocate each finger. Of course, sometimes that is necessary, but if you can keep a finger where it is, do that.

2. Don’t grip the fret too hard. This will bring pain to your fingers and significantly decrease your performance. Be as relaxed as possible. The blues itself is meant to generate a good, relaxed mood, starting with the player, not just for the audience. Besides, best way learn blues guitar online, from the comfort of your home, it should be easy to relax and adopt a good posture for playing, as well.

3. Another mistake to watch for is to avoid doing the same interval all the time. Good players always mix and match for effect, breaking the pattern into interesting pieces, showing their versatility at the same time. Of course, this takes practice, but will help you improve.

4. Don’t throw too many notes into your progression either. Blues is sophisticated through its simplicity. Its simple layers must sound together like a very complex piece, that has depth and peaks interest.

These are just a few common mistakes that any beginner guitarist can make while looking for the best way learn blues guitar online. However, to diagnose better your practice, if you learn blues guitar online, it’s best to work with a guitar learning online guide like BLUES JAM SESSION link below.

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