The Original Blues Acoustic Guitar Lessons

You can learn blues guitar from many sources. You can take blues acoustic guitar lessons at your local community college. You can find someone who teaches guitar and take group or even private lessons. You will want to decide why you want to have blues acoustic guitar lessons.

If you simply want to learn how to play the guitar then you will want to learn how to play basic guitar chords first before you learn a specialty type of guitar playing. Some purest will claim that unless you have lived a life of the blues then you can really not play blues guitar.

That is unless you have not lived a life of loss and sorrow then you will not be a true guitar blues player. But if your life has not been full of the blues there is no law that says you cannot give it a try.


blues acoustic guitar lessons


Whether or not you become a full fledged blues guitarist might be more of how much time and effort you put into your lessons rather than the type of life you have lived to this point. You can of course in this day of the internet learn a little about having blues acoustic guitar lessons online.

You will find blues guitar video lessons on the internet. You can watch a video online that is about five to ten minutes long that will demonstrate techniques and scales and what are known in the art, licks. You can start off with free videos and then if you want can upgrade to a paid service that will teach more in depth about chords and more complex scales and licks.

The great part about learning blues acoustic guitar lessons on video is that you can work at your own pace. You can watch the video and listen to the sound of the chords and scales. And then when you are ready you can join in or you can simply try playing the piece first and then try playing with the video.

You can focus on the instructors hand and finger placement and copy it until you have it right. The idea is to make it all second nature while at the same time absorbing the music in your mind and so that you will know the sound you are going for. But like any skill it takes practice and self discipline to become a great blues guitarist. You have however many options on how to learn.

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