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Slide Guitar For Beginners | 12bar Blues Guitar
For soloing on electric guitars it's not that important, so you can play in standard
tuning. …. Now we come to our first slide guitar lick in E. Noted in tab it looks like …

Standard Tuning Slide Guitar LessonStandard Tuning Slide Guitar Lesson
Learn how to play some standard tuning slide guitar licks in the key of g in this guitar lesson video.

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How to Play Jazz Guitar: Techniques, Chords and Jazz Scales
The theory of jazz guitar. music theory for beginners Modern jazz guitar has a lot in common with blues, rock and other modern styles of guitar. Many of the scales used in jazz music are also common in blues – basic scales like the pentatonic major and minor scales, for example. Almost all of the … are used in jazz guitar. For example, most jazz guitar licks and solos over minor chord progressions are composed (or in many cases, improvised) using the Dorian mode.

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Claude Corry

Being a musician from a young age I began singing at the age of five. I have been a live performer for about thirty years and have played in many bands from covers bands to original ensembles. At twenty I began to write a lot of my own songs and still do today and have written about two hundred works.