Use Blues Guitar Backing Tracks To Learn

Blues guitar backing tracks offer a great way to really understand the blues. Combined with expert lessons you will soon have the confidence to take you playing to a live audience. Find your own style, rather than just copying the greats by using backing tracks to create your own licks, solos and riffs.

The great thing about learning with blues guitar backing tracks is that you can soon learn to play along with a band and be creative in coming up with your own solos, licks and riffs in your very own Blues Guitar Lessons. Something that you definitely should do when learning blues guitar is to make time to practice with blues guitar backing tracks. It doesn’t matter if you are new to blues guitar or an experienced player, you will get the greatest benefit to your personal blues guitar style learning to play with a professional band. You probably don’t have a band waiting to play with you whenever the mood takes, and this is where backing tracks become very useful.


blues guitar backing tracks

Original Recordings for Practice

When you are learning guitar is really good to play along with you favourite artists, and it often feels like you can play the songs the same as those recordings. For all the enjoyment of playing along with you favourite tracks, you aren’t getting the same level of experience of improving your personal technique. When playing with a full band recording you hide any mistakes and your timing will be influenced by the lead guitar on the track (whether it’s BB, Jimi or Eric!). To truly feel, and learn the music and ultimately have the greatest benefit to your playing you need to be the one taking the lead off your own back, and this is where backing tracks shine.

The Advantages of Backing Tracks

By playing with backing tracks you start to get a natural feel for the timing and temp of the music. You will feel for yourself where to change pace, introduce you own creativity and learn where to the keys start and change. Using backing tracks gives you a clean sheet to create your own style and this will bring you playing along better than any other technique. You’ll soon have the skill to turn up and play at a live jam session!

Perfect backing tracks help you to understand the correct tempo, they are ready to go when the mood takes you, they give timing practice for proper endings rather than just fade-outs and have real instruments like a real band rather than cheap midi files.

Where to find Blues Guitar Backing Tracks

You can often find the odd blues guitar backing tracks with guitar magazines, but there really is no substitute to getting your hands on a great set of professional backing tracks. You will then get a fill range of blues styles, keys and temps to get a great all round experience. Bundle those with lessons that show you the correct technique and you can really take your playing to totally different level.

blues guitar backing tracks

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