Lets Explore The Blues Scale More

When I was a younger guitar player I used to watch in awe at players that could effortlessly jam with other’s playing lick after lick of great lead guitar. I thought I would never be that good until I learned the blues scale for guitar. The blues scale opened my eyes to the world of improvisation and within a month I was up there jamming along with them. This article will show you how to play a blues scale for guitar and also devote a few pointers on successfully employing it to play lead guitar.

So Why Is The Blues Scale So Different?

First a little background on the blues scale for guitar. It is basically derived from the minor pentatonic scale. If you play a minor pentatonic and add one note( the flatted fifth) you get the blues scale. This added note is what dedicates the scale its sad, dark quality. In medieval times the flatted fifth was known as the ‘The Devil’s Note’ and its use banned in some kingdom’s. Today though people are more forgiving of this unusual tone and some actual opt it. The blues scale can be found in almost all different forms of music whether it be rock music, jazz, blues, heavy metal, and other world music.

Here is a diagram of the Blues Scale for Guitar

E | –X– | —— | —— | –X– |

B | –X– | —— | —— | –X– |

G | –X– | —— | –X– | –O– |

D | –X– | —— | –X– | —— |

A | –X– | –O– | –X– | —— |

E | –X– | —— | —— | –X– |

The X’s and O’s represent the notes that make up the blues scale. The O’s are the flatted fifth or ‘blue’ note. If you were to omit these notes from the pattern you would be left with the minor pentatonic scale.

Blues Scale For Guitar

How to use the Blues Scale for Guitar

The scale pattern I have shown above can be played starting any fret of your guitar. It works well over minor chords, power chords and Dominant seventh chords. Practice the scale up and down and memorise all the notes well enough to do it without looking. Then try juggling them around to come up with your own licks.

Heres A Cool Blues Guitar TrickĀ 

Play a note not in the scale and bending or slide into the note that is in the scale. You will have to experiment with this one because not all outside notes will voice as please as other’s but this is a really cool audio that will instantaneously induce you sound like a pro.

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