Blues Progressions And Jimi Hendrix

Blues Progressions On Guitar

Kenny “Blue” Ray is a life-long blues musician who has played with blues legends such as Stevie Ray Vaughan. Kenny also is a JamPlay instructor who teaches lives and pre-recorded class on blues progressions on guitar.

In this lesson, Kenny discusses 7th chords and how they can be used to enhance any off-colors progression.

He likewise describes short forms of the chords that can be used for a softer feel. While discussing the 7th chords, he also talks about some of Jimi Hendrix’s favourites.

Check out the Jimi Hendrix video below — using blues progressions. For more JamPlay tasks on, check out Andy James’ “Three Pentatonic Hybrid-Picked Runs to Increase Speed and Dexterity” and Glen Drover’s Mysterious Harmonic Minor Walk Down .


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