Blues On Acoustic Guitar Is A Bit Different Than Electric

Acoustic Guitar

Blues Jam Session It really is too easy to learn, how you need to play the blues acoustic guitar scale. The experts would feel to many easy and even playing. However, participating in guitar can be an art in itself. It’s important to maintain right hand strength to get wonderful music and beautiful rhythms happening.

The blues guitar scale is almost parallel or alike to that of the minor pentatonic scale. Well, it was resulted with indulgence of the flat fifth. The flat fifth is too unique and different having atonal quality. Well, it almost sounds having evil overtones and almost too dark sounding.

Have You Heard Of The DEVILS Note?

It is of the belief that hundreds of years back the flat fifth was recognized as “The Devil’s note”. This musical interval was banned to use at many different places, it was believed that it invokes the devils.

Now days, people are getting more temperate towards the some of the interesting rhythms and their sounds as well. These interesting sounds are of the flat fifth. the other name given to these sounds are “blue” note. You will find that it has being applied or used everywhere over everything – different sound tracks. It is applied over rock and blues at same time from blues to jazz as well as from heavy metal to different world music.

Don’t you feel you have knowledge about the method of playing the blues scale on your acoustic guitar?


Here, is small diagram describing about how you should play the blues scale on your acoustic guitar. There are two different signs “X” and “O”. Well, they describe about the notes, which describe and make the scale. It is not at all difficult to add extra note inside. It does not require much expertise as well in adding additional note.

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