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get blues guitar lessons

To learn to play, basicly you have to listen to lots of artists and try to play it the same as them, hmmmm, not that simple aye?

To play this genre right you have to learn all the techniques that are used in the style particularly blues guitar playing.

When theres a lot of different blue styles they all have something in common besides the 1, 4, 5 progressions used. Whether it’s a clean guitar or distorted sounding guitar can fully influence the type of style it is.

Online learning has proven to be one of the best performing options for guitarists available today and that includes all genres.

Lets face it who will get blues guitar lessons Offline?

If you want to learn to play like one of these guys…………………

Get Blues Guitar Lessons

Play like BB King

Learn Blues Stevie Ray Vaughan

Robben Ford Blues Guitar

Play like Robben Ford


Then you must learn it the right way and be willing to put in the hard work.

Heres my seven best choices to learn blues guitar

BluesGuitar Pathways -1  ( Beginners)

Pathways – 2 (Rhythm & Lead Fundamentals)

Pathways -3  (Tools & Techniques)

Pathways – 4  (Rhythm Principals)

These two below are advanced courses

Corey Congiio Texas Boogie – Trading Solos

Robben Ford – BluesRevolution

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