GHS And D’Addario Bass Guitar Strings Price Discounts

Bass Guitar Strings Price

The bass guitar strings price is very good for such an innovative product. They are wrapped with a black nylon cover, which aims to give the string an ultra-smooth feel with a deep tone.

GHS is very proud to reintroduce their popular Tapewound strings. They will last much longer than normal and with no sacrifice of sound.

D’Addario also make this kind of product and are also a great price. Check out the bass guitar strings price from Amazon. Heres My picks of Tapewound strings below.

Originally discontinued, GHS was able to partner with the artisans behind Innovation Double Bass Strings to reintroduce this set. Tapewound combine the thump and decay of an upright bass, while retaining the characteristics of an electric bass. Flatwound strings are wrapped with a black nylon cover, which gives the string an ultra-smooth feel with a delightfully deep, mellow tone. Many players also love how supple and tactile the strings are under their fingers.

Available in 4- and 5-string bass sets, GHS  D’Addario and La Bella Tapewound are available now.

Please contact your local GHS dealer for bass guitar strings price and inventory questions.

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