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Guitar is a very popular instrument and is worth your effort to put some time into trying to learn the instrument. It can be a very good accompaniment for singers of all sorts of songs and music from many countries. The blues is considered to be a western style of music and I don’t mean country and western. There are great differences in countries music performance and its usually embedded in their culture and folklore.

To be the total blues guitarist you want to be, can be very daunting as it is one of the hardest genres to learn blues guitar or even master it. Achieving this style of guitar will give you an advantage to play most other styles of guitar chord theory and construction. Below are tips, videos and the best course you could do for your general skills to accelerate you’re playing by understanding and implementing the correct techniques to learn guitar. Heres a few tips below.


  1. Start with the basics

Learning any instrument requires you to start with the basics, and the guitar is no exception. Start by learning how to hold the guitar properly and learn the basic chords. A great way to start is to learn the open chords, such as G, C, D, E, and A. You can find many online tutorials and guitar courses that can guide you through the basics of playing guitar.

guitar chord theory and construction

  1. Learn the blues scale

The blues scale is the foundation of blues guitar playing, and it’s essential to learn it thoroughly. The scale consists of six notes: the root, flat third, fourth, flat fifth, fifth, and flat seventh. This scale is played in a minor key and can be used to create blues riffs, solos, and melodies. Practice playing the blues scale in different positions and keys until you can play it comfortably and confidently as you learn guitar chord theory and construction.

  1. Study the masters

To become the total blues guitarist, you need to study the masters of the genre. Listen to recordings of famous blues guitarists such as B.B. King, Robert Johnson, and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Analyze their playing styles, note choices, and phrasing, and try to incorporate these elements into your playing. Remember, you can’t become a great guitarist without studying and learning from those who came before you.

  1. Play with feeling

The blues is all about playing with feeling and emotion. Don’t get too caught up in playing fast or technically advanced solos as you learn guitar. Instead, focus on playing with feeling and expressing yourself through the guitar. Experiment with different dynamics, vibrato, and note choices to convey the emotion you want to express.

  1. Practice, practice, practice

Practice is essential if you want to become a total blues guitarist. Set aside time each day to practice, even if it’s only for 10-15 minutes. Focus on areas where you need improvement, such as your timing, fingerpicking, or improvisation skills. With consistent practice, you’ll see improvement over time and develop your skills as a blues player.

  1. Experiment with different styles

The blues genre encompasses many different styles, from Delta blues to Chicago blues to Texas blues. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles and techniques to find your own unique voice as a blues guitarist. Listen to recordings of different styles and try to incorporate guitar chord theory and construction elements from each style into your playing.

  1. Play with others

Playing with others is a great way to develop your skills as a blues guitarist. Find other musicians to play with, whether it’s in a band or a jam session. Playing with others will challenge you to keep up with different rhythms, chord progressions, and improvisation styles. Plus, it’s a lot of fun!

  1. Take a course

Taking a guitar course can be a great way to accelerate your learning and development as a total blues guitarist. There are many great courses available online, such as “The Total Blues Guitarist” course by TrueFire. This course covers all the essential elements of blues guitar playing, from basic chord progressions to advanced soloing techniques so make sure you check it out.

  1. Watch videos

Watching videos of other guitarists playing the blues can be a great way to learn new techniques and styles. There are many great videos available on YouTube and other platforms that can help you improve your playing. Take notes on what you like and try to incorporate those elements into your playing.

In conclusion, becoming a total blues guitarist is not easy, but it’s certainly worth the effort. Start with the basics, learn the blues scale, study the masters, play with feeling, practice consistently, experiment with different styles, play with others, take a course, and watch videos. With dedication and perseverance, you’ll become a great blues guitarist and be able to express yourself through this timeless and soul-full music genre as you become more familiar with guitar chord theory and construction of scales and modal theory.



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The Total Blues Guitarist-Learn Blues Guitar To Learn Guitar

How Can You Improve Your Blues Guitar Skills?

For the guitarist who’s serious about developing his/her skill as a true blues player, there are several things that can be done to enhance and speed up this process.

If you learn guitar and it’s techniques and methods you really can become the total blues guitarist. But first you must conquer the riffs and licks that are specific to the Genre. This can mean learning specifically blues-oriented scales, and licks. Especially valuable techniques that are a bit harder to master, but very well worth it if you are playing with a slide or in altered tunings. Many great soloists will play in an open chord tuning to facilitate slide playing.

Don’t think of just major chords either, minor chord tunings are extremely versatile when it comes to being the total blues guitarist and it will make you a better all round player on your journey to learn blues guitar or master guitar of any style.

As you progress and learn guitar adding lots more songs to your song lists you will feel yourself becoming more self confident in your playing and particularly in front of a crowd which will lead to new levels of confidence the more you do it. Playing in front of your friends and family can be a great feeling but playing in front of hundreds or maybe even thousands of screaming people can definately accelerate your hopes to be the best musician you can.

Listen To Lots Of Different Blues Guitarists

Learn from the masters. If you’re more into modern blues then start your quest with Eric Clapton, B.B. King, Keb’ Mo’ and Buddy Guy. Once you’ve absorbed these giants, then start working your way backward with such artists like Robert Johnson and Howlin’ Wolf, are both the total blues guitarist you want to aspire to that brought about the revolution we know as the blues.

Develop your skill with the acoustic guitar first to learn blues guitar and as many chords as you can, for theres so many of them and don’t skip BARR CHORDS because it hurts a little and you DO have to push yourself to your limits a bit particularly when you are first starting out and you don’t have enough strength in your fingers and wrist. Practice every day at the same time and make it a habit to be the total guitar player of your dreams. Then its worth it right if you want to become the total blues guitarist.

Try and learn guitar styles from lots of other genres as well as blues because that will help you with different techniques you will learn playing other genres of music. Blues can be very hard style of guitar playing to master so you have to stick to your practice and performance time. Also learn a bit about the history of the blues and where it is coming from with the raw deep emotional feelings it emanates. Remember, the blues style started as an acoustic art form, so to discover purity, pick up an acoustic guitar, a glass slide, put on some recordings of the old masters, and take yourself back to the Delta or or even your own bedroom you can learn guitar and become the complete blues musician.




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Being a musician from a young age I began singing at the age of five. I have been a live performer for about thirty years and have played in many bands from covers bands to original ensembles. At twenty I began to write a lot of my own songs and still do today and have written about two hundred works.

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