Learning Blues Guitar Licks Are Easy When You Know How

For you to be able to learn blues guitar and come out like a guitar hero, start testing different styles by using your fingers first. The secret in creating a cool blues song is based on the use of fingers throughout guitar licks.

A good example of classic blues guitar licks that incorporate the basic finger use and Stevie Ray Vaughn licks is “The Sky Is Crying” masterpiece.

Master the swing 8ths rhythm. The swing 8ths scales is famous in the blues music type and has been commonly associated with funk and old school jazz pieces during the late 70’s decade. Practice the scales regularly to learn blues guitar. At the same time, feel the funky or jazzy swing.

Be familiar with the intervals. Intervals serve as the distance of a particular note from the other. Learn the various intervals before creating a sound.


Guitar Licks For Blues


Learn the skills of playing to a metronome or backing tracks when creating music. You can fulfill the desire of creating music by practicing along with the help of the band. Be familiar with the best rhythms that will make the ideal bluesy sound by having an accompaniment and recording demo tracks.

Get to know the 12 bars progression for you to be able to learn blues guitar licks successfully. You should have a know-how on the keys that comprehends with the 12 bars progression in blues music. The progression is crucial to the bluesy phenomenon making a typical blues music turn out to be a classical-worthy masterpiece when practiced daily.

Would you love the ability to sit down with your guitar and just jam along to the songs you hear and enjoy. Want to take your blues guitar playing to the NEXT level? Perhaps you want to improvise and learn cool licks at the same time?

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