Campfire Songs For Your Holiday Trips And Events

Campfire Songs

Tired of playing the same campfire songs in every hangout and holiday you have? Here are some answers, and the coolest songs that you’ve been after!

A sky full of stars, a couple of friends and a campfire that’s warming you up in the middle of the gathering. Add a guitar to this mix and you are getting the recipe for a very fun night, whether you’re down at the beach, out in the forest or any other place that makes for a fun wilderness getaway. So for you ladies and gentlemen, here is the list of my 12 best campfire tunes.

These songs all make for great campfire songs, and I left out all the ones that would usually make it to lists like this, so Time Of Your Life is clearly not gonna make an appearance here tonight guys and girls!

The motive I had in mind when picking out these campfire songs for your campfire or event was finding songs that are:

  • Generally LOVED by the public. This means a lot of people will gleefully kick in with the lyrics here…
  • Are fun to play on the guitar and not too complex to memorise and add to song list. (I didn’t choose Bohemian Rhapsody because of it’s hard-to-remember, endless chord progression…)

Haven’t been played in all of the previous campfires on our planet (ummm Wonderwall).

Let’s go! The songs are listed in no particular order. If you have any questions about how to play those songs beyond the simple chord sheets performance, look up YouTube for some quick lessons.

For every song I have featured the original album version, the chord sheets from Ultimate Guitar, and also a YouTube cover that I found cool / inspiring – for you to take a big sip of creativity before you play it yourself. I have dug on YouTube for hours for those gems – so I hope you enjoy it as well.Check the post

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The 13 Best Campfire Songs follow the previous link to see how to play these songs.

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* While making the list with the idea of you guys and girls having those songs memorised, you can always create your own DIY chord book with these songs, and also with more songs that are harder to memorise. I have a couple of books myself that are always with me when I’m out with the guitar, and friends always find it fun to pick out songs from them.





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