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I have been an aspiring blues musician for several years now and if it wasn’t for some jam tracks download I could possibly still be frustrated. Actually let me rephrase that. I had been a frustrated aspiring blues guitarist for many years. We all know that if you want to become really good at something then you need to practice and practice and more practice.

Playing blues solos on your own is no problem. I mean you can just pick up your guitar and go for it whenever the mood dictates. The problem is most musicians particularly blues enjoys the interaction with a blues band. Very few musicians have the luxury of having such a band to jam with on a consistent basis. This is where a discovery I made relating to a product that will give you the opportunity to practice whenever you want with a full backup. This comes from Blues Jam Session Jam Tracks Download. They provide the tracks for you to practice with. All recorded in professional studios and by professional musicians. These tracks cover many different style of blues guitar playing


Jam Tracks Download Free


What I Liked About It:

Not only do they give you 60 jam tracks download they also give you the improvisation lessons to go with it. The other major issue is the author of all this material has very sound credentials. This happens to be Peter Morales, who is a Professional Guitarist with many years experience. He is a well known instructor, and also happens to have his own professional recording studio. Needless to say with the type of expertise that Peter has it makes anything that he has to offer by way of advice or instruction valuable material.

The bonuses alone that are being offered with this package are sensational. There is very little doubt that anyone purchasing this package will not benefit a great deal from it. The very idea of being able to play the tracks when I had the time, and get the practice I was finally going to get, was a real inspiration to my getting this program.

What I didn’t like About It:

There was so much material in the advertisement, and what was being offered I was thinking that perhaps it was just a little too advanced for me. I mean all of the samples I was listening to, just sounded like it was a too high of a professional level. I mean here I am just an amateur that has a lot of dreams, like any musician. Then I finally realized that the samples I was listening to where from people that had already taken advantage of Peter’s offer. People like myself. I realized then that there really wasn’t anything that I didn’t like about what Peter had to offer.

My Conclusion

My first inclination was thinking that I was probably going to have to do a lot of overtime at my job to pay for Peter’s program. When I got down to the price he was asking I figured there had to be a typing error. I had expect a price of at least $100 and above. After checking it out a lot closer I realized it was no mistake. Peter was letting this offer go at an amazing price, and I wasn’t going to miss out on it.

This is a GREAT guitar teaching method –  Blues Jam Session

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