So Do You Know How Backing Tracks For Guitar Or Jam Tracks For Bass Guitar Guitar Work?

This article talks about how to use iTunes as a free source for guitar backing tracks. Most jam tracks will feature just the band playing leaving out the vocals and lead guitar tracks but some also leave out the bass so you have jam tracks for bass leaving in the lead guitar and vocals. Most professional jam tracks these days are editable on the sellers website. It also talks about how to use them for practicing, jamming, and soloing. Using jam tracks, also known as backing tracks, are one of the best ways for guitar players to further their skills as a player and as a musician. This is great for anyone that is learning to play guitar or taking guitar lessons.

Learning guitar players will often strive to play along with the tracks of their favorite songs in order to improve their guitar playing. This is undoubtedly very helpful for those who want to improve their guitar skills while still having fun. Yet when the new guitarist follows along with the song, it can be very difficult to hear which notes their strumming, and which are the recorded notes from the lead guitar player of the band. This is where backing tracks, or jam tracks, are so good

Guitar backing tracks are just new created versions of songs that are the same as the original song except that one key element is missing: usually the lead guitar part. These jam tracks offer advancing guitar players the opportunity to hear themselves clearly while playing their favorite songs. By playing along with a good backing track, your ability to hear and replicate the songs rhythms will improve, and you will have the confidence that comes only with playing the lead in a great song, as you imagine yourself the front man in a real band.

Another undeniable benefit of playing along with guitar backing tracks or jam tracks for bass is that it gives you an excellent chance to improve your improvisation and lead skills. Once you have learned the exact notes of a song, it is a guitar player’s natural tendency to want to improvise. Most players who have been playing for at least a little while will have learned the minor pentatonic scale, one of the main source’s of melodies, licks, and runs for guitar solos. Once you have this scale down, you can begin improvising and having a great time using your backing tracks as a basis for new twists on old songs. The variations at your fingertips are virtually endless!

To get started immediately with some free backing tracks, check out the iTunes radio channels located on the top left panel of the iTunes interface. The music here was not added specifically as jam tracks, but since there is such a huge variety of song genres, you will be able to find many sources of inspiration for your developing improvisation skills. Simply choose a channel and let the music be your guide as you develop your own solos and melodies. My personal favorite is called Groove Salad, under the Ambient category. The music available on iTunes is commercial-free and non-stop, so you have nothing to lose by giving it a try.

Most of the music you’ll find in the Ambient category will be in minor key signatures. Use the minor pentatonic scale to discover the key, and you are ready for some nonstop jamming. While you’re at it, take advantage of the backing tracks to practice the full major and minor scales, not just the pentatonic scales. These scales will sound amazing against the major and minor chord progressions that make up most of these songs. With practice, you will play for hours without realizing how much time has passed. Free guitar backing tracks will improve every aspect of your guitar-playing ability, including your skill at figuring out the notes you hear by ear. Above all, work hard and your efforts will be rewarded!

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