Jam Tracks MP3 Backing Tracks Can Really Help You Learn Guitar

Have you ever before considered the actual fact that rehearsing your blues electric guitar skills requires using a genuine professional music group or jam tracks mp3 backing tracks? Particularly before you progress to another degree of your playing.

Well, not everybody has a professional band hanging around that they can call up and say, “OK, I’m ready to play now.” Does anybody? Even professional practices must be planned and organized and usually is only once a week. So, how on earth are you supposed to get prepped for the real world?

Heres a nice backing track by Peter Morales who createdBlues Jam Session

Any famous guitar player will tell you that the best way to learn, is to practice, practice, practice! That’s why you should try looking into purchasing blues jam tracks. Often times you will find that the blues jam tracks you’ll run into are made of digital instruments that aren’t real and it sounds like a cheesy video game from the 1970s! Make sure you do your homework and choose the right CD to practice along with. It should have real instruments along with a professional band.

You also want it to have a wide variety of tempos and styles. You’ll want it to have a shuffle, a fast blues, a slow blues, etc. and it is important that the players on the CD are in tune and stay in time (tempo). I know that sounds pretty basic but you’d be surprised how many people will put up with cheesy midi blues jam tracks that they try to download…and it comes out terrible!

All I know is that ever since I started playing along with blues jam tracks I have improved my guitar playing tenfold. Having the power to control a professional blues band with the click of a mouse and a play button was incredible. I would recommend this method of learning to everyone.

Zack Roberts is the founder of 50 Blues. He is a professional full time musician and guitar instructor, specializing in classic blues and rock music.

Download over 50 professional blues backing tracks at 60 Blues Tracks, The #1 Secret Weapon for blues guitarists, harmonica and harp musicians.

Together with his band, he has recorded over 60 of the best Blues Backing Tracks for professional musicians. In under 3 minutes, you’ll uncover the #1 proven method of improving your blues playing.

If you are struggling with mastering the blues, these blues backing tracks will fuel your creativity and passion to inspire killer blues riffs and licks.

Just imagine having the best acoustic and electric blues bands to jam with you, anytime, anywhere!

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