Matt Smith Shows Great Slide Guitar Riffs & lessons.

Matt Smith Plays The Blues

Slide Guitar Riffs-Mat Smith


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D’ADDARIO EDUCATION COLLECTIVE¬†is a global community of music educators who are committed to inspiring the next generation of lifelong musicians. Our program provides music teachers with access to resources for many styles of guitar including most genre and styles like blues, rock, country pop slide guitar riffs and other tools to help support their role in education. The Education Collective will grow to include opportunities to network with other teachers, share your knowledge and content, and attend special educational events. Our goal is to support those that support the future of music.

Essential Blues Basics – Guitar World
Guitar World
Before combining them, I remember first learning to solo over the standard 1-4-5 blues progression playing my axe and my teacher at the time gave me a quick trick for alternating between the minor and major pentatonic solos


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