If You Play Blues Guitar Its Best To learn Guitar Blues Songs As They Are And Sound

Just like Spanish guitar defied the geographical boundaries to travel across the continents and become the world’s most popular musical instrument, blues music too has traveled from USA – its place of origin – to all corners of the globe to become the most passionate form of music that can be played on guitar. Across the continents, guitarists as they¬†learn guitar blues songs are found to incorporate unique styles and tempos into their performances. But at the core, blues remains a guitarist’s way of expressing emotions through their fingertips. As you learn blue guitar, you will pick up the secrets of creating melodious magic with the play with six strings.


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Country or Pop, Rock or Jazz – every genre of music seems to have some elements of blues. No wonder, most of the guitarists fall head over heels for this wonderful genre of music as they first start learning the instrument. There are special elements that make each genre of music so special. Blues is no exception. As you learn blues guitar, you are taught how to incorporate these special elements into your playing style. When You first learn guitar blues songs you will find it also involves getting familiar with the scales and chords that remain fundamental to Blues music and the particular song you may be learning. Since Blues has a number of sub-genres in it and each one of them has a different playing style, a student should start with few basic chords and scales typical of Blues. Lots of practice will help them work their way up to the next level of chords and scales, which happen to be more complex.

7th chords are essentially associated with playing Blues guitar. It is often referred to as Blues chord as well. Usually following 1 – 4 – 5 rhythm, some Blues chords are easy to learn, some are difficult. Blues guitar follows a typical chord progression that starts on A (1) then going to D (4) then to E (5) and again back to A (1). Since, Blues chord essentially emphasizes on 7th note in the chord or in the scale, Blues chord has become synonymous with 7th chord. As you continue to learn blues guitar and keep jamming with Blues chords, you will learn how to make up your own chord progressions with the 7th chord.


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Blues scales on the other hand have one more notes in addition to the notes in the regular pentatonic minor scale. Although it is a pentatonic minor scale in nature and has six different note names, one has to play those note names within a specific position when you learn guitar blues songs. It is the work of this additional note that creates the desired tension and renders the signature blues sound. As you continue to learn blues guitar songs, you will notice familiar sound in blues songs and also make sure to play alongside the Blues jamming tracks. As you progress on your lessons, keep on improvising on the basis of your knowledge about Blues scales and chords. Practice hard with a focus on alternative picking and rapid picking techniques and you will soon flourish as a Blues guitarist.

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