Musical Instrument Case Repair

Musical Instrument Case Repair Australia

Do you have an old guitar case that is in need of repair? Look no further because you have found the place. See the before and after repairs photos just below.

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I have been repairing all types of musical instrument cases for some time and realise that people want this service when they find out they can renovate their much loved and cherished old case thats collecting dust in the corner. The other added bonus of getting your old case repaired is the cost, which is substantially less money than buying a brand new one and more than often the old cases are much better quality and built better than todays new cases. Musical Instrument Case Repair Australia can fix your old cases and restore them back to almost new and in some instances better as it becomes more strengthened in the process.

You can contact me for a quote on getting your case repaired by filling out the form at the bottom of this page. If you live a long way away from my shop, which you can also view using the google map at the bottom of this page, you can send your case via the mail which isn’t as costly as you may think. Getting a musical instrument case repair is fast and uncomplicated. Just ask me for instructions on how to send them safely by mail.

If you need a musical instrument case renovation, now is the time to take action and get your old ones restored to new again.

Musical Instrument Case RepairBEFORE REPAIRS


Musical Instrument Case Repairs AfterAFTER REPAIRS


Saxaphone Case Before Repairs

Sax Case Before repairs

Sax Case Before Repairs-2

Sax Case Before Repairs-2

Sax Case After Repairs

Sax Case After Repairs


Sax Case After Repairs-2

Sax Case After Repairs-2

If you are a musician that lives and preforms in Australia, Get a musical instrument case repair and bring your much loved cases back to life!




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