Papastache 100 Blues Licks Is A Good Start To Learn Blues But Is There A More Comprehensive Blues Guitar Course?

Lets Compare Papastache 100 blues licks Compared To Blues Jam Session

Many guitar players tend to get tired of playing the same thing over and over again and want to learn something new like playing the blues guitar.


Papastache 100 blues licks

Lets Begin With 100 blues licks

DVD 1 – Papastache 100 blues licks You’ll learn all sorts of basic patterns to help you on your way. This means learning how to use both of these scales as well as how to start using different inversions of chords within those scales so that you can start playing the correct notes from those scale shapes all over the neck over the chords in your progression.

DVD 2 – On this DVD we continue with major pentatonic ideas and using the chord shapes within our scales so that we can learn to hit target notes all over the neck while soloing. This is where you really start sounding ‘in control’ and ‘more expensive’ than you may already sound.

DVD 3 – We start exploring in-depth ideas to help add feel to your playing. This is so important and you’re going to love the depth this gives your playing. We do this by teaching you different types of bending and vibrato.

DVD 4 – We’ll go over pinch harmonics and we’ll also learn how to chain all the shapes together to get from the low part of the neck all the way to the higher registers of the guitar.

DVD 5 – We dive into that melodic, rock-style of blues that’s often used in country music today … it’s clearly one of the last exciting guitar-driven forms of music out there right now. I’ll show you how to be melodic in your note choice and also how to chain the positions together.

Heres Blues Jam Session

There are many sources available online through which you can learn to play the blues lead guitar but most of them are crap and don’t provide the results expected. Having said that, a lot of people have found the online guitar course “Blues Jam Session” really effective since it provides a comprehensive knowledge about everything that one requires to master the blues.

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50 Must Know Blues Guitar Licks


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