Hi Today I am Starting A New Series of Posts about Singing Songs and how to Get The Best Out Of Your Vocal Performances.

singing songs and the right notes


Where To Start With Singing Songs

If any part of a song had to be chosen, then the beginning of a song would be voted as the trickiest part to get right. Just like professional athletes, singers must have the perfect start for a race. It’s the first obstacle to a good performance. A wrong start can lead to awkward situations.

Like an unprepared muscle, when the larynx is tight the first note can sound weaker. You’ll usually reach your full tone on the second or third note.

If you can’t warm-up before singing songs, then here are some helpful tips to be prepared before performing. The vocal chords are just like any other muscle in the human body and need exercising and toning up. If the muscles around the vocal chords are weak you will have problems so you need to strengthen them.

First of all, singing songs starts with an instrumental intro most of the time. This will allow you to prepare for your first line. Sing the first note in your head. Imagine the note coming out of your mouth, and “feel” the shape it will form and how you’ll need to open your mouth.

Breathing Is Of the most Importance

However, bear in mind it would be a mistake to anticipate too much. You would probably end up holding your breath while waiting for the song to start. This would cause a higher level of stress (which leads to a tight larynx). First, stabilize your breathing, and empty / fill your lungs completely one last time before singing the first note. Anticipate it a little bit, and start with a strong and full tone directly (don’t hold it, begin with confidence). Your tone should come out sharp and clear while singing songs.

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