Different Scale Diagrams For Different Instruments.

It has reached to the point where keywords and SEO have done well to rank websites highly in the search engines, but because of the misleading meaning of some keywords, Google will sometimes rank sites high that have poor quality information. The keyword “Jazz scale diagrams for guitar” is misleading because it does not preclude Jazz or guitar only. The scales that these websites and books talk about, are scales that can be used for any instrument in almost any genre.


Scale Diagrams used in blues

Having said that there is some credence in it because the diagrams used to display the scales for different instruments, guitar, sax, piano, are indeed very different so that is why you should mention the instrument the scale diagrams are for?

Scales For What Instrument?

If one looks up “Jazz Scale” as a Google search one will find Wikipedia just above the very same guitar site. Wikipedia sets us straight on the facts on the scales. It says: “Many ‘jazz scales’ are common scales drawn from Western European classical music…All of these scales were commonly used by late nineteenth and twentieth-century composers such as Rimsky-Korsakov, Debussy, Ravel.

Stravinsky used scale diagrams.”

Any musician in any genre can and probably has used the scale diagrams that have been called “jazz guitar scales”. Don’t be fooled if you play another instrument in some other genre. You should be able to use any of these scales to your advantage.

So Whats The Difference in Genre?

This brings up the question about the peculiarities of instruments and styles. Is there any one instrument or style that precludes any particular scales? Is there an instrument or style that can claim a scale for itself? Can a book of “scales for Piano” differ that much from a book of “scales for the saxophone”?


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