Super Beginner Slide Guitar Lessons

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Guitar Lesson: Slide Guitar Basics – YouTube



Tinback Blues Slide Guitar Lessons

So I got me a cookie tin and some wood and I nailed on a piece of plank and I put some old strings on there and then I went ahead and got me a tune out of it. Since then I been making me some music with my bottleneck guitar and got me some slide guitar lesson. Evenings, I just sets out on the porch with a jug o’ shine and I plays and sings the blues and my hound dawg, he’s growling soft at the big ol’ moon. Times like these, me and my dawg, I’m sure we is more’n halfways to sweet heaven. But my woman she says the on’y good thing about all this was eatin’ them darn cookies in the first place. That crazy woman; sometimes I think she don’t got no soul.


Slide Guitar Lessons

Slide Guitar Lessons Master to Play in Port, on Tue, 24 Dec 2013 06:15:00 -0800
Kerry developed an interest in guitars at the age of four, but had to wait six years to get his own electric guitar. He listened to his brother’s Ventures records got some slide guitar lessons and taught himself how to play. At 12, he discovered the music of B.B. King and joined … Read More Here


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Slide Guitar Lessons

Breakpoint Jam Atlanta—Virtual Fireworks and iPhone Slide Guitar …
The fall tour of the Breakpoint Jam wrapped up at Cocoa Confrence Atlanta with some memorable moments including some iPhone slide guitar lessons and a newly-minted Breakpoint. Amidst bursts of virtual fireworks, Daniel Steinberg Read More Here


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