John Lee Hooker Guitar Lesson Boom Boom

Boom Boom John Lee Hooker Guitar Lesson If you love the blues, you’re going to love today’s lesson. You’ll be getting a John Lee Hooker guitar lesson to play a call and response style blues song in the style of the blues legends Boom Boom. He played...
5 Cool Blues Shuffle Riffs

5 Cool Blues Shuffle Riffs

Five Really Cool Blues Shuffle Riffs To Learn Eric Clapton Playing “walking bass lines” is a common thing for bass players, but also guitar players do not shy away from a nice walking blues shuffle riffs. The shuffle riff is a popular sound and often used by guitar...

Learn A Blues Guitar Solo

Whats In A Blues Guitar Solo? Learning a blues guitar solo can be an extremely popular electric guitar style, and if you opt to learn blues electric guitar you’ll be pursuing in the footsteps of a few of the best guitarists ever. This article requires a go...

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