Learn To Play Blues Guitar Licks

If You Learn To Play Blues Guitar Licks Correctly From The Start……. 

If you are really enthusiastic and seriously want to learn to play blues guitar, you must have a couple of things to consider and find out first. Uncover what you must do and learn to be able to understand the blues acoustic guitar.

If you are thinking about learning blues guitar, you must be thinking about being as good as BB King or Eric Clapton. For sure, you must have been inspired by some great blues performances or you might be thinking of great music to accompany you during some sad moments, although you do not have to be sad though to learn blues guitar.

If you really are interested in learning blues guitar, you need to have a few things to consider and learn first. Starting from the very basic, you will first need an electric guitar or an acoustic guitar. Make sure you are not having the one with nylon strings. Leave those to classical music.


learn to play blues guitar

Important Basic Knowledge

A basic knowledge on some simple chords is important if you are interested in learning blues guitar. Of course, if you have the interest to play blues, you must have learned the basic guitar chords, but if you still don’t, you may start back with the basics and learn simple chords like D, A, E and so on. You also have to know how to read tablatures. This will help you in learning the different techniques in blues music, and being able to read tabs helps you in learning songs easily and efficiently.

You might need to have a CD of your favorite blues musician. You can also find their performances online and learn to listen to them play. The first thing you might want to listen to is the rhythm of the blues music. Familiarize the tempo and the rhythm. Most blues song has a timing of 4/4 so it can be easy to learn. You might also want to have a metronome to help you with the practice and the timing.

Aside from mastering the rhythm, you have to master the blues scales too. This is important in learning blues guitar especially if you want to play solo, as it gives the blues guitar an authentic sound. Other techniques you may want to learn especially if playing solo are techniques like string bending, vibrato and the slides.

It is also important to learn to play blues guitar licks to start playing solos. Blues licks are sets of notes that seem to express a single expression. In playing blues guitar, you can use the blues licks as your base and you can add them with other notes to have your own style or combine them. You can also get ideas from other musicians and from there, you can make your own style.

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