How to Learn Guitar Online by Yourself | Answering your Questions | Q & A

How to Learn Guitar Online by Yourself | Answering your Questions | Q & A

hello everyone! it’s piku and welcome back to my channel. Today i’m going to answer your questions so grab your snacks while you watch this video because it’s going to be a long video :P

Videos mentioned in this video are :
tips for buying your first guitar :
chords switching tips :

• my instagram :



• Best budget guitar for beginners —
1. Guitar under Rs 6000 :
1. Guitar under Rs 7000 :
2. Guitar under Rs 10,000 :
• guitar strings —
1. D’Addario acoustic guitar strings(light) :
2. D’Addario acoustic guitar strings(extra light) :
Guitar capo :

***ALL OF MY GEARS ??***
• Budget Tripod for phone/ my first tripod :
• My camera tripod :
• Camera I use :
• Best Budget camera :
• Zoom H1n(the best budget portable mic) :
• Zoom H5(advanced) :


• my guitar : you can buy Faith guitars in India from
• Tank Drum :
Strings I use —
• strings for fingerstyle(medium Gauge) :
• strings for comfort playing (light) :
• video editing software I use : adobe premiere pro


* This description contains affiliate links, I may earn commissions for purchases made through the links with no extra cost to you :) *

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Being a musician from a young age I began singing at the age of five. I have been a live performer for about thirty years and have played in many bands from covers bands to original ensembles. At twenty I began to write a lot of my own songs and still do today and have written about two hundred works.

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