Do You Know Why You Are Stuck In A Rut With Your Blues Guitar Playing?free guitar tracks



The main reason why is because you are not using Backing Tracks!

Its really that simple and heres the reasons why. When you use backing tracks you can play in lots of different keys which is so important and adds to your interaction with blues music which really does sound different in other keys.

Also using backing tracks allows you to to learn entire songs and not just parts of them and its like playing to a metronome so you will learn and develop good timing using  them consistently which is crucial to your playing in the future.

A large share of beginner and intermediate guitar players only make use of the minor pentatonic scale to solo over a dominant blues progression. Adding up to this, they use the minor pentatonic scale over ALL chords in this blues progression, which makes their solos sound less interesting and definitely not professional. Most of these guitarists think they’re doing it the correct way, but actually they only use a very basic method of soloing.

The minor pentatonic and the blues scale are the most common ways to play over a dominant blues progression, but these are definitely not the best ways of soloing if you want to sound like your favourite blues guitarists. If you want to break through your limitations and come a step closer to sounding like your favourite guitar hero, you need to explore more melodic ways of creating a blues guitar solo.

Using good quality backing tracks can really accelerate your learning and ability by allowing you to experiment and master the sounds you  love and play more like your blues guitar heroes.

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