Whats The Benefit Of Using Blues Jam Tracks?

Learning guitar the right way can be a tricky assignment for most guitarists who want to learn to play blues music. They don’t even think about the other scales and techniques that are essential to get a real bluesy kinda sound. It can make it somewhat hard to get the right sound using youtube type backing tracks where the drums and bass are more rocky than bluesy. When the sound is there you just play better. If you use blues jam tracks you can really get a feel for playing in a real blues band. Tuning your ear to learning and playing guitar for your chosen genre is an important step that helps you focus in on the ultimate sound for it. I don’t suggest you play just blues music as theres so much benefit from playing many different styles and you can learn so much from other types of music.

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It’s a website that teaches only blues guitar styles and boasts the finest blues backing tracks anywhere. These tracks feature real instruments and musicians playing full blues jam tracks recorded in a professional recording studio so they sound Great!. You will receive around 60 plus tracks, videos and PDFs if you decide to do the course, as an instant download and as a part of the course. You get to keep all course materials you download.

Heres an article that should help you to learn and memorise chords and scales

What’s more, a good warm up can rely as much on psychological as physical concentration. If you can think about scales, licks and chords in your head before you even pick up a guitar you may find yourself getting going quicker than normal. For example, if your warm up routine includes running through minor pentatonic scale shapes then try visualising these shapes in your mind before you even pick up the guitar and you may find that they are falling under the fingers as soon as you pick your guitar up.

So why warm up? Beyond the physical element of getting the muscles in the fingers working (and in doing so avoid any possibly injuries) there is also the fact that if you get any technical frustrations out on a warm up then it will make the ‘real’ practise far more effective and enjoyable.

Get all the mistakes and finger fumbling out of the way on the warm up as it’s here that they won’t matter or frustrate you. Warming up can also simply be a good way of letting yourself know when you are actually ready to play which can be essential if you are getting ready for a gig or recording session. Its also helps you relax

For me, a warm up does not have to last a definite amount of time and I may not always use the same routine. However, the first thing I want to do is just get the picking and fretting hand fingers synchronised and for this I’ll use some simple four note per string alternate picking exercises like these. If you do warm ups like this you will notice when you are playing to blues jam tracks or even doing a gig, that you are far more focused.

At this point I am not really engaging the brain, these are just physical exercises to get the fingers moving accurately on the fretboard. From here I may run a few minor pentatonic scale shapes but perhaps I’ll start focusing more on accuracy, maybe playing through patterns based around fourths such as the ones below :

There are many articles and lessons on how to warm up but many assume there is a way you SHOULD warm up. Ultimately, however, the warm up is going to be different for all of us – for example, do you have a set warm up routine that you get through before you start ‘playing’ or do you naturally segue from a warm up into your playing time? Ultimately everyone is different so do what you feel comfortable with.



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